Innovation powered by IoT & AI convergence-based Smart Agent is changing the world!

IoT & AI-based Smart Agent

Intelligent ICT Convergence Service

Smart Agent

Smart Agent is a service system that provides users with action guides based on situational information.


Rule-based Engine
Data Analysis
Augmented Intelligence with Situational Awareness


Data Collection
System Control
Ultra-low Energy WWAN


Mathematics + Big Data Analysis
High Performance Routing + Scheduling Algorithm

Digital UX Design

On-offline Convergence UX Design
Mixed Reality

Smart Evacuation for fire, gas or explosion

in Korea

  • Safe Evacuation Routing Algorithm (SERA-1)
    (Smart Evacuation & Emergency Alarming Service)
  • LoRa Network
  • Evacuation Guide Station
  • Evacuation Guide Monitoring Tool (Control System)
  • Real-time disaster / terrorism response system
  • Environmental sensor, real-time data analysis and evacuation guide
  • Evacuation guide based on situational analysis
  • Evacuation guide through device-to-device wireless communication
  • Service platform for disaster and evacuation control

Smart Evacuation for Active Shooting Event

in US

  • Station (IoT Device)
  • NFPA3000 standard council as a member of emerging tech. TF
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Active shooting event Simulation
  • Real-time action plans for active shooting event
  • Algorithm to calculate behavior according to each current location
  • Station : Guide with both voice and visual cues
  • LoRa WAN network
  • Connected with other safety systems (fire, police, etc.)


1. Market leadership in various sectors

2. Unique solution provider in the world


• Distance guide light controller, applying to the Road & Railroad Tunnel Construction Rules
• Railroad vehicle active guide, reviewing application to the Urban Railroad Vehicle Standards

• Applying to mobile firefighting facilities in construction and industrial sites
– Entered Korean government “Korea Innovation Award, Public Sector”
• Active situational guide system and industrial convergence system are under review for KFI certification


• MSA-based SW platform

• Fixed/mobile IoT device

• LPWAN network systems


• Established a company in China, sales will be launched in July

• Registering Civil Defense System in UAE Dubai

• Formed partnership with 11 organizations in 7 countries including Cast-info (Spain), WWS (Israel)

3. Unmatched technological expertise

Certifications & Permits

KC Certificate : CST-S001
(DEC 2015)

KC Certificate : CST-N001
(DEC 2015)

Technology and service permit
for new ICT convergence
(MAR 2016-MAR 2018)

2016 Dream Venture Star
(OCT 2016)

K-Global 300
(DEC 2016)

Product Innovation Certificate
(APR 2017)

KC Certificate : CST-R001
(APR 2017)

Certificate of Hi-Seoul Brand
(SEP 2017)

KC Certificate : CST-S007
(FEB 2018)

KC Certificate : CST-B001
(MAR 2018)

KC Certificate : CST-E001
(MAR 2018)

Certificate of Software Quality : ATEGS v1.0
(OCT 2018)

Certificate of Software Quality : SIDP v2.0
(OCT 2018)

Quality Management System Certificate (ISO9001)
(APR 2019)

Certificate of Hi-Seoul Brand
(APR 2019)

Certificate of Industrial Convergence Items
(DEC 2018)

Certificate of Quality
(JUL 2019)

Certificate of Inno-Biz
(SEP 2019)

KC Certificate : CST-G001
(DEC 2019)

Priority Purchase Selection Confirmation
(May 2020)


Registration of evacuation
network tool program
(OCT 2016)

Registration of ultralow energy
long-distance wireless communication
guide light control simulator program
(NOV 2016)

Registration of evacuation
control SW with
situational awareness
(MAR 2017)

Registration of evacuation guide
solution with situational
(MAR 2017)

Registration of evacuation guide
network tools with situational
(MAR 2017)

Registration of evacuation simulator
with situational awareness
(NOV 2017)

Registration of evacuation guidance
manager SW with situational awareness
for passenger ship
(NOV 2017)

Registration of evacuation guidance
manager SW with situational awareness
for passenger ship
(NOV 2018)

Registration of Safety Intelligence Delivery Platform v2.0
(DEC 2018)

Certificate of Trademark Registration
(JUN 2019)

Certificate of Trademark Registration
(JUN 2019)


Patent for ‘Intelligent evacuation
guide system and method’
(JUL 2016)

Patent for ‘Smart evacuation
guide system and method’
(JUL 2016)

Patent for ‘Remote security system
using mobile security server’
(MAY 2017)

Patent for ‘Smart escape guiding system for passenger ships and the providing method’
(MAR 2019)

Patent for ‘System and method for evacuation based on shooting sound detection’
(MAR 2020)


Ministry of Public Safety
& Security Award
(NOV 2015)

K-ICT Born2Global
Center Award
(JUN 2017)

MOLIT Smart City Business Fair Award
(SEP 2017)

The 12th Digital Innovation Award 2017
(SEP 2017)

Grand Prize for S/W Quality
(DEC 2018)

SmartCity 1st-street Contest
(DEC 2018)

KIC-FedTech Pitch Day
Final Winner
(OCT 2019)

CES 2020 Innovation Award
(NOV 2019)

the 3rd Safety New Technology Competition
(JUN 2020)


Hi-Seoul Brand Company

Born2Global Center Member


Under the age of Digital Revolution, we are still facing with many problems that we need to solve. In fact, there are many cases where we cannot respond only with our human intelligence.
AIoT(AI + Intelligence of Things) brings us the wisdom that we need to have to solve these problems and take our progresses to the next level.

At CORNERS, we provide intelligent solutions based on algorithm and micro-service architecture based flexible software platform which maximizes data flow without delay on distributed network.
Thanks to the world class optimization engine that is superior to any other commercial optimization engines in the world, we are bringing real-time Intelligence Augmentation(IA) solutions to the market. We provide the Smart Safety Agent which allows us to evacuate a large volume of people immediately under emergency by applying this technology to various spaces such as buildings and factories, and the Digital Twin which extends the experience of operator by providing comprehensive connection between the physical and digital worlds.

The AIoT technology developed by CORNERS is seeing unparalleled growth in both public and private sectors, not only changing the way we protect people but also creating new growth opportunities for clients.

With rapid growth in the Korean market, we plan to expand our business in the global market as a leading AIoT solutions provider. We appreciate your continued interest and support of our business and look  forward to building a successful partnership.

CEO of CORNERS Co., Ltd.


2017. 07~12
2017. 01~06
2016. 07~12
2016. 01~06
2015. 01~12
2014. 01~12


2020.06 Won the award at ‘the 3rd Safety New Technology Competition’

2020.05 Selected as Priority purchase recommendation product (KIPA)

2020.03 Registered patent for ‘System Method for Evacuation based on Shooting Sound Detection’ (in Korea)

2020.01 Participated in CES 2020 (Sands Expo Eureka Park #53322, Las Vegas)


2019.11 Selected as ‘CES 2020 Innovation Awards honoree’

2019.10 Participated in KIC-FedTech Accelerator Program and won the Final Winner

2019.09 Certified for ‘Technology Innovation-Oriented Small and Medium Enterprise(Inno-Biz)’

2019.09 Participated in “K-SAFETY EXPO 2019”

2019.07 Registered ‘Certificate of Quality’ for Safety Intelligence Guidance System(SIGS V1.0)






2019.05 Signed “Technology development project for business” (KIAT)

2019.04 Certified for Quality Management System(ISO9001) of “Safety Intelligence Guidance System”

2019.04 Membership agreement with Born2Global Center

2019.03 Registered patent for ‘Smart escape guiding system for passenger ships and the providing method’

2019.01 Signed “Develop escape guiding system for passenger ships” (KIOST)



2018.12 Won the SmartCity 1st-street Contest

2018.12 Won the Grand Prize for the S/W Quality (SIDP v2.0)

2018.11 Participated in “IoT Tech Expo North America 2018”

2018.11 Participated in “K-SAFETY EXPO 2018”

2018.11 Participated in “2018 K-Global Silicon Valley Demo Day”

2018.10 Participated in “2018 HongKong Startup Launchpad”

2018.10 Cerfitied for Good Software about ‘Adaptive Tunnel Evacuation Guide System with fan control system interface v1.0’

2018.10 Certified for Good Software about ‘Safety Intelligence Delivery Platform v2.0’

2018.10 Applied for patent ‘Evacuation Guide System for Cooperating with Smoke Exhaustion Equipment of Turnel’

2018.09 Held “Industrial & Strategic technology in the era of the 4th industial revolution” in National Assembly Hall

2018.08 Contracted for Active Evacuation Service implementation at the underground Sogong shopping center

2018.07 Applied for patent ‘System for Smart Evacuation based on Shooting Sound Detection’


2018.06 Embedded smart evacuation system within emergency mask storage stand

2018.04 Launched rental service, ‘A-WARE’ for Smart Safety System

2018.04 Contracted for tunnel evacuation system (Dunnae/Daegwallyeong Tunnel)

2018.04 Held “2018 CORNERS Partners Day”

2018.04 Participated in “2018 HARDWARECON” in US

2018.04 Participated in “Korea-China new enterprise innovation center opening & product exhibition” in Chongquing, China

2018.04 Selected as a Born2Global center’s member

2018.03 Certified for CST-E001 by KC(Korea Certification)

2018.03 Certified for CST-B001 by KC(Korea Certification)

2018.02 Contracted Preliminary Evaluation Project for certification with UL

2018.02 Certified for CST-S007 by KC(Korea Certification)

2018.01 Supplied Smart Agent for monitoring LG CNS EBC

2018.01 Supplied Integrated Control Smart Agent for LG CNS energy optimization center

2017. 07~12

2017.12 Certified for Quality Management System about Design&Development of Software(Smart Agent) – ISO9001

2017.11  Participated in SKT America Silicon Valley Demo Day

2017.09  Won the 12th Digital Innovation Grand Prize

2017.09  Won the MOTIE Smart City Business Fair Award

2017.07  Changed the company name to CORNERS Co., Ltd.

2017. 01~06

2017. 06 Won the 2017 Korea Demo Day Venture Award (MSIP Born2Global Center)

2017. 05 Selected for Busan Transportation Corp. IoT-based Railroad Safety Service Project

2017. 04 Certified for Innovation Product with Smart Safety Agent (National Center for Creative Economy & Innovation)

2017. 03 Selected as Next-Generation Customer Service Provider (S-1 Consortium)

2017.03 Selected as Industrial Convergence Item by the Korean Ministry

2017. 03 Extended MSIP ICT Convergence Service Permit (on-site requirements met)

2016. 07~12

2016. 12 Selected for MSIP K-Global Top 300 Companies

2016. 11 Signed Smart Evacuation System Contract for SK Hynix Cheongju Plant #3

2016. 10 Established Corner Stones Technology China

2016. 10 Selected for Dream Venture Start #3 by Daejeon Center for Creative Economy & Innovation

2016. 08 Joined Korea Rail Network Authority Tunnel Smoke Control and Evacuation Guide System R&D Project

2016. 07 Registered patent for smart evacuation guide algorithm and method

2016. 07 Registered patent for intelligent evacuation guide and system method

2016. 01~06

2016. 05 Developed Smart Safety Agent System v2.0

2016. 05 Selected for Busan Transportation Corp. IoT-based Emergency Evacuation and Safety Service Project

2016. 05 Signed Situational Awareness Evacuation System Project contract for Lotte Dept. Store Busan Centum City

2016. 02 Established Corners’ R&D Center

2015. 01~12

2015. 12 Selected for Presidential Security Service “Smart Alarm & Emergency Evacuation System” Project

2015. 11 Won the Korea Industrial Safety Technology Award by Ministry of Public Safety and Security

2015. 10 Developed Smart Safety Agent System v1.0

2014. 01~12

2014. 11  Founded Corner Stones Technology Co., Ltd.




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