[PR Newswire] CORNERS receives Innovation Award at CES 2020

2019-11-14 11:45
CORNERS receives Innovation Award at CES 2020


CORNERS’ new product--a technology recognized for its excellence of smart evacuation system for the active shooting emergency--is “the result of tireless efforts to address problems in societal safety”


CORNERS, a member company of the Born2Global Centre, received an Innovation Award at CES Innovation Awards 2020 in the "Tech for a Better World" category in recognition of its new technology that responds intelligently to gunfire.

CORNERS will be introducing Intelevac (Intelligent Evacuation System), an intelligent response system based on gunfire recognition, at CES 2020, which will be held from January 7 through 10, 2020 in Las Vegas.

Booth: Tech West, Sand Expo Level 1, No.53322 (Eureka Park)

The Intelevac system recognizes the sound of gunfire and immediately gives instructions for evacuation; it even proposes rescue strategies based on current, on-site conditions. The Intelevac uses the latest AIoT (Artificial intelligence of things) technology to not only ascertain the location of the shooter, but also to determine whether the situation constitutes a crisis. The system also responds in real-time, making it possible to prevent further casualties.




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