[KBS World Radio] CORNERS' Intelligent Evacuation System Represents 'Tech for a Better World'

2020-03-05 17:24
Today, we'll introduce a company named CORNERS, the recipient of the Innovation Award at CES 2020. Let's hear from Kim Dong-oh, CEO of the company.

We received the CES 2020 Innovation Award with our solution called IntelEvac, which is short for Intelligent Evacuation. The IntelEvac system detects and tracks the location of gunfire, and guides people to exits or instructs them to take cover immediately and safely. A solution in the U.S. recognizes the sound of gunfire and reports to the police. It takes 12 minutes on average for the police to arrive on the scene. Unfortunately, a shooting incident may result in dozens of victims during the 12 minutes. But our system gives instructions for evacuation before the police arrive so it can minimize casualties. This is only one of its kind. I think CES recognized this unique feature.


I think safety is our primary concern. With the smart combination of digital technology and artificial intelligence, we can hopefully change the paradigm of the global safety industry. That means we can use this field as a new, important growth engine. More and more people around the world will recognize the usefulness of the system, in which people in panic do not have to find a way out themselves but are instructed to respond to emergency situations in an efficient and timely manner. We’ll continue to work hard to become a leading global firm.


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