[Tech Startups] These are the Top South Korean Tech Startups Pitching to U.S. Investors

2019-10-22 17:38

These are the Top South Korean Tech Startups Pitching to U.S. Investors

The global technology startup landscape is highly competitive and only the best survives. With millions of startups launching every year, it’s becoming increasing difficult for startups around the world to get the exposure and funding they need to execute their ideas. The problem is further compounded for tech startups outside the Europe and the United States. For South Korean tech startups, KIC-FedTech Accelerator is a program helping to give visibility and support to the most promising Korean entrepreneurs looking to launch their businesses in the U.S. and achieve their strategic goals. This cohort features companies in healthcare, security, drone technology, and blockchain.

The event was hosted by the Korea Innovation Center (KIC) which is the Korean government-backed technology innovation center in Washington D.C. The event featured a pitching competition in which the best presenter was selected by a panel of judges. The winner of the competition was Tony Kim, CEO of Corners Co., Ltd. Judges from the panel included Christopher Schroeder, entrepreneur, investor, and bestselling author, as well as Alicia Fuller, from Silicon Valley Bank who overseas partnerships with emerging startups in the DC area.

The 13 participating companies were:

  1. Aevis Bio: A breast cancer therapeutic based on Targeted Proteolysis Inducer (TAPI)

  2. BlueWaveTel: Solutions in wireless telecommunication and broadcasting field

  3. Corners: Safety Intelligence Solution that combines IoT (Artificial intelligence of things) and on-time space intelligence service

  4. Cardiocoin: The first preventive healthcare blockchain platform

  5. Cruxell: A dental PSP scanner specialized in high quality dental x-ray image systems

  6. ETL: Radar absorbing paint with multiple core evaluation results

  7. Frasen: Personalized sleep care service that combines the latest in sleep science, internet of things (IoT), and software

  8. IM Technology: Affordable and eco-friendly way of metalizing super engineering plastics

  9. MediFutures: Ultrasonic and biological fusion medical solutions for aesthetics and surgical applications

  10. Narma: Tilt-rotor type hybrid drone VTOL (Multi-copter Drone) & High Speed Flight(Fixed-wing UAV)

  11. OSD(ONESOFTDIGM): A portable bio impedance analyzer that provides on-demand customized healthcare

  12. Secuworks: Home and building security sensors using sound field spectrum with no blind spots, late detection or false alarms.

  13. Welt: A smart belt that analyzes various health information to prevent central obesity


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