Smart Agents as safety innovation: a new collaboration in Korea

2015-12-18 13:53
Korea is land of opportunities. For DFRC the peninsula country is becoming more and more fertile soil for new collaborations, projects and scouting of complimentary cutting-edge technologies.
The last partnership arose during the hectic yet productive days of Smart City Expo World Congress and goes under the name of Smart Agents: DFRC brand new partner is Cornerstones Technology Co., Ltd., a leading Korean company in IoT and Data Analytics technology, specialised in Smart Evacuation Systems. Target scenarios of the co-operation involve in fact evacuation procedures and emergency operations, fields where historically technology is designed to serve and assist as extended arms of human decision makers.
Among other high-performing features, the Smart Agents Technology developed by Cornerstones is capable to run in real-time the best evacuation route optimisation algorithm, providing vital information to the crowd about directions to be taken to escape the emergency.

Smart Agents by Cornerstones Technology

As Crowd Analytics provider, DFRC perfectly fits in this scenario, being able to serve the Smart Agents with vital information about the crowd, in terms of size and movements. The integration with LBASense will add a valuable data source to the Smart Agents platform, as well as a real-time feedback on the effectiveness of the evacuation strategy, especially in outdoor context.

The partnership has been ratified at Smart City Expo World Congress, with the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding between Mr Erel Rosenberg, Director at DFRC AG, and Mr Seung Sik Yoon, President and Co-founder at Cornerstones Technology Co., Ltd., in presence of Ms Chiara Bertoldini, COO at DFRC AG.

Erel Rosenberg, DFRC Director, Seung Sik Yoon, Cornerstones President and Co-founder, and Chiara Bertoldini, DFRC COO (from left to right) officially ratify the mutual collaboration over Smart Agents technology.

To know more about this collaboration, do not hesitate to contact us: we will be happy to help.


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