We take new approaches to augment customer experience.


A lack of inbound traffic distribution and experience scheduling

Key Issues
  • Industrialization of theme park contents as in the center of local economic growth.
  • Theme parks see deficit due to reinvestment on facilities every 4-5 years.
  • The revisit rate is flat which is the key to their sustainability.
  • Customer satisfaction is low due to long waiting time (more than half of visitors complain about waiting time).
  • Failing to meet the demands for a new experience.
  • Inbound traffic remains the same.
    (due to a lack of incorporating traffic forecast).
  • Unable to meet expectations for a new experience and provide reservation service by theme/ride.


Smart Experience Agent helps minimize waiting time and meets the customers’ expectation

Personalized Experience Routing Algorithm

Optimization of Contents Delivery


Corners presents a new paradigm in providing experience.

Next-generation Theme Park

Customer Experience Management Agent

Collect customer experience data

Manage experience scenarios

Recommend experience scenarios


  • Personalized ride reservation
  • Experience contents
  • Ride schedule notice
  • Enter events


  • Location tracking for children
  • Contents guide
  • Reservation status
  • Key event notice


  • Contents guide
  • Complete missions
  • Traffic information
  • Experience media interaction

Online users

  • Online ticketing
  • Online event information and participation
  • Coupon download

“Smart Agent is designed to meet varied demands of theme park visitors”

Facilities operator

  • Check reservation status
  • Check participants
  • Adjust reservation rate
  • Provide traffic information
  • Enter no. of people waiting

Ticket booth

  • Check reservation data
  • Register user information
  • Issue tickets

System administrator

  • Monitor system
  • Schedule media
  • Upgrade contents
  • Control integrated system
  • Manage sales status

Theme park planner

  • Manage the entire theme park traffic
  • Create missions
  • Adjust reservation rate
  • Register experience scenarios
  • Manage customer experience

Next-generation Customer Experience System

Integrated Media Interconnection

“Integrated solution for digital space system management and service operation”

Next-generation Customer Experience System

Digital Experience Design


Needs new media that can attract visitors
Needs to improve the flow of digital experience
Needs to improve user-friendly design.
Needs to respond to various conditions.
Needs to link with existing systems.
Needs to customize existing systems.
Needs to upgrade systems with new technologies.


Enhance communication

  • Enhance media and interface to create immersive experience.
  • Promote communication through interaction with visitors.
  • Improve the reputation for cutting-edge technology.

Improve user interface

  • Develop more intuitive user interface.
  • Introduce a range of tools to support various conditions.
  • Implement a system for customization based on target, purposes and conditions.

Ensure expandability

  • Use existing equipment, system and contents.
  • Minimize the cost for future system expansion.
  • Secure open API to combine new technological elements.


Create immersive space
  • Create an immersive environment through interconnection between space and system.
  • Establish an identity for each space.
  • Use existing contents.
Build integrated media
  • Implement tools and consoles with improved convenience based on targets, objectives and conditions.
  • Build an environment control interface using a single device.
  • Create medium to promote interaction between the visitors and operators.
Use mobile devices
  • Engage visitors with digital media and provide more immersive experience.
  • Provide personalized service.
  • Share information to create new digital experience.
Develop platform-based system
  • Develop a system environment as a practical tool for interactive medium.
  • Establish a standard framework for new technology or media.
  • Create an environment where new media can be developed through contents upgrade.

“Deriving execution elements based on direction of improvement”


Next-generation Customer Experience Agent for Theme Park

(Advanced Recommendation Tool)
  • Recommendation algorithm tool based on customer experience, scenario, time, space and traffic data
  • Identify the best weighted value to deliver personalized service through data correlation analysis and linear progression
(Advanced Pooling Tool)
  • Pooling algorithm tool designed to overcome limitation of the existing smart reservation system
  • Automated operation manual system based on real-time data analysis
Speed Gate S/W
  • Customizable S/W based on membership data
  • Customized to the target, objective and condition
  • Linked to the existing Speed Gate
  • Access control through various authentication media (e.g. RFID tag, barcode, beacon)
  • Personalized reservation using recommendation algorithm
  • Customizable reservation system based on location and status
  • Personalized service based on individual authentication medium
  • Access to space information
  • Concert and contents scheduling
  • Operation information
  • Information about operator
  • List of reservation holders by session
Mobile S/W for Administrator
  • Mobile app for administrator
  • Access control using RFID tag, barcode and QR code
  • Access to the list of reservation holders and participants and control entrance.
  • Access to membership information
  • Locate companions (mobile, beacon)

Integrated Media Link

  • Service Delivery Platform
  • Active rule-based service
  • Device / contents / application control
  • Cross-device support
  • Digital controller
  • RS-232C, Digital Sensor Input Port, RGB In/Out, Debug, LAN Port
  • Power Supply Control Port for AD-P100
  • Server communication through analysis of cross-device signals
  • Power Supply Controller
  • Power Supply Control Port for AD-V32
  • Reception of power supply control signals
  • Power supply control of media systems

Digital Experience Design

  • Interactive media presentation tool
  • Ergonomic design presentation tool
  • Multi-touch based -UX design
  • Large display, lighting and audio supported
  • PPT, PDF, image, video, and music supported
  • Web file sharing
  • Information platform solution for visitors
  • Service using BLE, QR code, barcode and number input
  • Separate apps for visitor / administrator, web manager for administrator
  • Multi-display guide by age group and language
  • Experience-based learning
  • Audio, video and image guide for exhibition
  • Cloud-based presentation solution
  • Use of smartphone, PC, and tablet PC
  • Separate apps for presenter and audience
  • Presentation and participation using smartphone, PC and tablet PC
  • Remote-presentation control and annotation



MAR 2017 – JUN 2017

  • Establish Master plan for the Everland S-Ticket
  • Contract party: S-1

Korea Racing Authority

JUN 2016 – DEC 2016

  • Developed the Whinny World ICT Integrated Operation System
  • Contract party: Korea Racing Authority

K-Culture Valley

OCT 2016 – FEB 2017

  • Designed K-Culture Valley Digital customer Experience
  • Contract party: CISCO
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