We support successful Digital Transformation through the combination of AIoT and Digital Twin.


CORNERS’ Digital Twin supports operational optimization through the purpose-driven digital model.

Connected Smart Intelligence

InteleTwin as-a-Space Intelligence Platform

Business Continuity, Resilience

Secure business continuity,

System based response to changing situation

Time & Cost Reduction

Minimize time delay, cost, and energy usage,

Operate Situation based intelligence SOP/EOP

Data-driven Revenue Creation

Maximize profit & customer experience,

Analyze and use the behavior pattern(Counting/Flow/Behavior) data based on time and space

Development and management process of Digital Twin

by using CORNERS’ InteleTwin

What We Do

  • We deliver Space Intelligence using AIoT and Digital Twin Technology

Next-generation InteleTwin Solution Platform


InteleBuilding / InteleStation

Service Overview

  • WYSIWIG Digital Twin Modelling tools for building and stations
  • Real-time monitoring and control of building facilities, safety systems, and IoT sensors
  • Intelligent what-if scecario-based simulation to estimate impacts from unexpected events
InteleBuilding·InteleStation Builder
• Digital Twin Modelling S/W
InteleBuilding·InteleStation Watch
• 3D based Command & Control S/W
InteleBuilding·InteleStation Simulator
• Digital Twin Simulation S/W


  • Secure visibility of operation of buildings, multi-dense facilities, and railway stations
  • Maximize facility operation continuity
  • Access control, facility operation, emergency response, and simulation training linked with intelligent video analysis
  • Identification of traffic flow and efficiency of store and resource based on data
  • Strengthen the ability to respond immediately to accident indoor pollution, disaster and risk based on scenario


Service Overview

Digital Twin Smart Factory Solution for order-based manufacturing factory

  • High-speed visualization of digital twin production process data to improve factory productivity
  • Factories that are difficult to invest in large-scale automation facilities required for large-scale manufacturing
  • Factories where material management, manpower management, and work management are important due to the high proportion of manual processes


  • Can be applied without interrupting or disrupting existing work
  • Automatic process flow identification by minimizing separate data input
  • Flexible operation of input resources after checking the current progress against the plan
  • Visualization of Value-added time and Non-Value-added time
  • Used in simulation for decision-making to expand production capacity


Woojin Industrial System

AUG 2020 ~ (ongoing)

  • Established Digital Twin Smart Factory at the Jeungpyeong factory in Chungbuk
  • Contract party: Woojin Industrial System


MAY 2020 ~ (ongoing)

  • Developed Digital Twin Management Solution for Magok L Center
  • Contract party: GS E&C

L Logistics Center

MAR 2020 ~ JUN 2020

  • Developed Digital Twin Operation Solution for Logistics Center
  • Contract party: J Company

High Temperature Pipeline Safety Management Solution

NOV 2019 ~ (ongoing)

  • Developed High Temperature Pipeline Safety Management Solution based on Digital Twin
  • Contract party: TIPA

New Jersey Morris County

DEC 2019 ~ JUN 2020

  • Built Intelevac Platform at Morris County Public Safety Training Academy in New Jersey
  • Contract party: MCPSTA


JAN 2018 ~ DEC 2018

  • Built Integrated Control Platform for LG CNS EBC
  • Contract party: LG CNS

LG Energy Control Center

JAN 2018 ~ DEC 2018

  • Built Integrated Control Platform for Energy Control Center
  • Contract party: LG CNS

SK Hynix

OCT 2016 ~ MAR 2017

  • Built Safety Management System based on Digital Twin at the Hynix Semiconductor manufacturing facilities (Cheongju Plant)
  • Contract party: SK Telecom

Busan Transportation Corporation

JUN 2016 ~ DEC 2017

  • Built Smart Station System based on Digital Twin in Busan City Lin #2 and expansion
  • Contract party: NIPA
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