Active Evacuation Guide System increases the chance of survival in case of emergency.


A Passive Evacuation System too limited to protect human lives

Key Issues
  • People spend 70-80% of their time in large buildings, increased complexity
  • Since 2013, terrorist attacks increased 3.5 times → increased anxiety and fear
  • Intelligence of adult = infant in case of emergency
  • Lack of protection for safety personnel and risk
  • Disaster/terrorism causes loss of human lives
    (2,065 people suffered from disasters over the past 10 years)
  • Disruption results in more damage
  • Lack of timely response
    (Delay in initial stage → affects chances of survival)
  • Awareness of emergency evacuation remains at 38%
  • Safety personnel and rescue teams are not protected


Active Safety Agent is a key to protect safety managers

Virtual Agent System

Real-time On-site Support Algorithm

(In→Out Evacuation, Out→In Search & Rescue)


Corners enables a more efficient, timely response to disasters and terrorism.

Real-time disaster/terrorism response system

based on convergence between IoT and AI

Recognize the situation

  • Recognize the situation when a disaster or terrorist attack happens.
  • Collect and transfer information.
  • Built-in evacuation guide station sensor is linked to existing environmental sensors.

Find the evacuation route

  • Find the best evacuation route based on the information.
  • Each station selects information to display.
  • Monitoring the situation in real-time and find the best route.

Provide guidance for evacuation

  • Stations keep users informed of the evacuation route.
  • Provide situational guidance through voice and visual communication.

Mobile Smart Safety Agent

based on IoT and real-time situational awareness

IoT stations

  • Recognize the situation when a disaster or terrorist attack happens.
  • Collect and transfer information.
  • Built-in evacuation guide station sensor is linked to existing environmental sensors.

Monitor situation and trigger alarm in real-time

  • Find the best evacuation route based on the information.
  • Each station selects information to display.
  • Send information to mobile devices in real-time.

Provide on-site / mobile support

  • Send various types of information to mobile devices.
  • Provide situational guidance through voice and visual communication.

Service Operation Platform

for real-time evacuation analysis, information and control

Stations located in the building monitors the status of LoRa Gateway

  • Station power supply, sensor data, battery condition and communication status
  • Gateway power supply and communication status

Temperature and gas sensors detect events

  • Station’s built-in temperature and gas sensors detect events and trigger alarm
  • The monitoring screen changes its color when an event is detected
  • Check the station’s event alerts (temperature and gas sensor data)

Trigger pop-up alert when the server communication with LoRa Gateway is disabled

Activate automatic evacuation guide when the station detects an event

Manually activate evacuation

  • The manager triggers event manually on the station
  • Activate manual evacuation (immediate evacuation)


Smart Station

Standard All-in-One Type
  • Guide with LED-Arrows/
  • Detect abnormal heat and toxic gas
  • Wall-mount type
Arrow Projection Type
  • Ceiling-mounted Gobo-Lighting system
  • Project EXIT arrow shape onto floor way
  • 2ea for 1 set (Bi-direction)
Connect & Control Type
  • Connect to L/T/X001
  • 4-channel relay switch to control direction
  • External speaker & serial sensor support
Portable Sensor Type
  • Standing or pole-attach type installation
  • Flame/Toxic Gases/Temperature/
    Humidity/Lux sensor embedded
  • Smartphone app for monitoring & alarming
Tunnel Exit Signage Type
  • Interface with Tunnel ventilation system
  • Evacuation guide to smoke free direction
  • Large signage type for railway or road tunnel
Exit Signage Type
  • 2-way evacuation guide at corridor
  • R001 controls right & left light on-off
  • Wall-mount type
Lighting & Voice Type
  • Evacuation guide via voice and sound alarm
  • Emergency lighting
  • No visual display for directional guidance
Media Interface Module
  • Connect to legacy media display devices
  • Interrupt in/out media port & play content
  • Evacuation guidance via Video/Audio/Image


LoRa Gateway
  • Stant-alone local LoRa networking
  • Firmware on Linux system
  • UTP & Serial port

Device Case

Access Floor Housing for CST-S001
  • Factory floor type
  • Voice & LED-arrows
  • 30watt water-proof speaker added
Housing Unit for CST-N001
  • Wall-mount type housing
  • CST-N001 + mini-UPS
  • mini-UPS optionally added
  • IP67
Wall Mount Housing for CST-S001
  • Industrial grade wall-mount type housing
  • 30watt water-proof speaker added

SIDP (Safety Intelligence Delivery Platform) S/W

3D Control Center S/W
  • 3D-based monitoring S/W safety managers
  • Location-based alarming according to detected level of sensors
  • Notify device status
  • One-click activation of evacuation procedure
Mobile Management S/W
  • 3D-based monitoring app for smartphone
  • Notify abnormal sensor status and locations
  • Notify device status
  • Station status test functions
Virtual Simulation S/W
  • 3D visualization with virtual people evacuate to exit
  • Verification with various disaster scenarios
  • Record time to evacuation completion time
  • Compare and analyze between legacy & SIDP
Evacuation N/W Modelling
  • 3D-based evacuation route modeling tool
  • Allocate station & gateway
  • Set types and attributes of Node (space coverage of single station)
  • Set attributes of Link (passage between 2 nodes)
  • Allocate final exits
Safe Evacuation Routing Algorithm
  • Dynamically calculate safe evacuation route info.
  • Dageraous nodes are excluded in real-time
  • Predict bottlenecks to generate multi-path as early as possible
  • Reduce total evacuation time


Sogong Underground Shopping Center

AUG 2018 – JUL 2019

  • Established Smart Evacuation System for the entire underground facilities of Sogong shopping center
  • Contract party: Seoul Business Agency

Dunnae/Daegwallyeong Tunnel

APR 2018 – JUN 2018

  • Established an evacuation guidance system for long tunnel linked to the tunnel smoke control facilities
  • Contract party: Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction

Nowon Arts Center

NOV 2017 – NOV 2018

  • Established Smart Evacuation Service on the 5th floor(concert hall) of Nowon Arts Center
  • Contract party: Seoul Business Agency

Lotte Department Store

MAY 2016 – FEB 2017

  • Provided Smart Agent Solution for Lotte Dept. Store Busan Centum City
  • Contract party: Lotte Data Communication Company

SK Hynix

OCT 2016 – MAR 2017

  • Built Smart Agent System at the Hynix semiconductor manufacturing facilities (Cheongju Plant)
  • Contract party: SK Telecom

Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology

MAY 2016 – DEC 2019

  • Developed and standardized the vessel and human evacuation system
  • Contract party: Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology

Busan Transportation Corporation

JUN 2016 – DEC 2016

  • Conducted test operation at the designated area in Busan City Rail Line #2 and expansion
  • Contract party: National IT Industry Promotion Agency

Korea Rail Network Authority

AUG 2016 – JUN 2017

  • Developed an evacuation guide system linked to the tunnel smoke control facilities
  • Contract party: Korea Fire Protection UBIS / Hyubwoojiyeu Engineering

Korean Government

DEC 2015 –  NOV 2016

  • Developed and installed the mobile evacuation guide system in 2016
  • Contract party: Purchase Condition Dept. of Small and Medium Business Administration


DEC 2015 – MAY 2016

  • Produced a sample and commercialized the situational awareness-based real-time evacuation system
  • Trial operation of the local system in Indonesia
  • Partner: KOICA

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