CEO Message

“START WITH WHY” Declaration

Amazon's longest-running best-selling author, Simon Sinek, shows examples of companies and leaders who have succeeded with unwavering value through Start with WHY books, and provides a way to discover the essence of our work and be enthusiastic.

Corners Core Values: Humanity Beyond Safety intelligence, followed by Start with Why, which sets purpose and value straight.

We all have the right to work in a safe environment, and every workplace must be able to protect people from danger and from loss of life.

No one should be injured or killed in an accident at work.
We are focusing the current working environment and the way to protect safety is not intact. In April 2014, the reality that the victims are following from the catastrophe that shocked our society and the constant disasters in the industrial field is not inevitable, but a problem that must be corrected.

Yes, we are not God, we are a human being and need help because human has limitations. I acknowledge that it is almost impossible to completely block the occurrence of danger, such as acknowledging the limitations of humans.

There needs solution to overcome the limitations of human beings in order to prevent the safety disaster.

Seeing danger is the beginning of safety. I would like to help people recognize when and where the danger is in their workplaces and how to be safe and deal with it. We believe that the hope for a better tomorrow than today can only be continued if safety is maintained.

- TonyKim -